Monday, April 28, 2008

Cold weather causes throat problems for alarmist singer Alicia Keys

1. Alicia Keys back on tour - People
The singer cancelled concerts in Pittsburgh and Cleveland last week after suffering from swollen vocal cords...Alicia's spokesperson blamed the cold weather in New York for her problems, after the singer recorded a TV appearance in the city.

Theola Borden said: "It was really cold outside. That was a bit strenuous on her. Afterwards, she went to rehearsal in Pittsburgh but wasn't feeling up to par. She felt she needed to cancel rather than give a sub-par performance."
2. From an article about Keys raising our global warming "awareness" at Live Earth last summer:
Enduring the sanctimony of Alicia Keys calling out the “hate skeptics” for their intolerance of non-peer reviewed scientific findings and spiteful distinctions between hypotheses and conclusions, that didn’t bother me.
3. From a December '07 article here:
Alicia Keys performed in Olso, Norway, last night at a concert honoring Nobel Laureate Al Gore. The purpose of the concert was to raise global warming awareness among young people.

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