Sunday, April 27, 2008

Does Bell Microproducts CEO Don Bell think that we're all idiots?

1. In a typical alarmist article here, Don Bell suggests that he became an AGW believer only after seeing some unspecified evidence at the North Pole in late April.

2. In April 4 article linked here, Bell said the purpose of the trip was "to draw attention to global warming and the need to preserve the polar ice cap".

Hey Don--the Earth is said to be about 4.5 billion years old. After seeing conditions at the North Pole exactly one time, what led you to conclude that carbon dioxide drives the Earth's climate? Does your one data point convincingly refute all the data graphed here?

3. Note that Bell happens to be on the board of the Bay Area Council:
The Bay Area Council is a proud first-mover on public policy related to global warming and climate change. Building on an unrelenting sixty-year commitment to a better environment in our region, in the past decade the Council has accelerated and expanded its work, becoming the key business group to help pass the most important recent environmental policy changes in California.

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