Friday, April 25, 2008

Is environmentalism just a religion for people who are too cool to go to church?

Note that the Church of Global Warming has its own:

Candle-lighting rituals
Human Sins to be punished by a Great Flood
Holy Grail


Beef said...

Yes, environmentalism has had religious impulses from its inception, but now has evolved much more fully as a religion to fill the void created by the collapse of Christianity in the West. Their assumption of legitimacy based on false science makes them insufferably sanctimonious, and they viciously attach heretics. Environmentalism must ultimately evolve into a death cult, as human existence itself is the basis of all sin. There are hardcore environmentalists promoting research into super-plagues capable of wiping humans off the planet.

Anonymous said...

Well communism/socialism have already proven to be failures so environmentalism is the "new black." Same goals, outcomes.

Have some fun: Ask a Gorebot what % of the air we breathe is CO2?

Then sit back and smile as you tell them it's 0.038% or 380 parts per MILLION. Then guffaw loudly as they wiki it on their iPhones.

OBloodyHell said...

> Then sit back and smile as you tell them it's 0.038% or 380 parts per MILLION.

Won't matter --

a) It's just numbers. Since they can't count beyond 21 (22 for women) with their clothes on, any numbers greater than that are replaced by "many". So what you are saying is that "many parts of the atmosphere are CO2".

b) The butterfly effect. They've heard this, and heard it applied to the weather, so they are certain it applies to climate, too. It may, but there is no evidence one way or another, of course -- so they want to act "just to be on the safe side".

c) 'The safe side': "What if you're wrong!?!?" Horror! Terror! Floods, Fire and FAMINE!!! Millions DEAD!!! Lions and Tigers and Bears!! Oh, the humanity!!!. Get the picture? No, there is no room there for: "What if YOU are wrong, nutball? You've shredded the economies of dozens of nations for no good purpose, doomed a billion and more people to wretched, dismal poverty, bleakened the outlook for a generation or more kids, and for WHAT? So YOU can 'feel good' about 'saving the Earth'??"

You cannot appeal to ration. They have none -- these are generally the same idiots who cannot, or will not, grasp the threat that Fundamentalist Islam represents -- Who cannot see a difference between Fundamentalist Xtianity and Fundamentalist Islam (Literally! They believe they both represent equal threats at this date and time) -- Who, despite the abject historical lesson of Chamberlain, still think you can negotiate with tyrants.

The best you can hope for is to make them doubt their insanity enough to not be quite so vehemently loud about it.