Saturday, April 26, 2008

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This in interesting. Notice the increase in skeptical articles lately? See how much more space newspapers are prepared to devote to telling readers about dissenting opinion?

Doubtless there will be plenty of claims this is due to some supposed evil-empire-financed campaign to deceive the hapless populace but these claims no longer cut it--too many in the "evil empire" have clambered aboard the rent-seeking "carbon constraint" bandwagon and now actively promote the myth for such an illusion to be sustained.

People are beginning to wonder why, with alleged consensus and unanimity of purpose, Al Gore and his merry band need spend $300,000,000.00 on another 3-year indoctrination campaign.

This, coupled with Earth's failure to behave as advertised, is beginning to cause zealots to make increasingly outrageous and absurd claims--note how much damage Hansen has done to his own credibility this past year or two.

Hold the line, the great gorebull warming farce is collapsing at last.

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