Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ocean off South Africa doesn't seem to be dangerously overheating

Cape Argus
Two Durban surfers taking part in the South African long board surfing championships at Noordhoek could be forgiven for thinking global warming might be a good thing.

The two men, unused to the cold Cape Town conditions and ill-equipped, wearing only warm water wetsuits, were plucked from the icy Atlantic on Tuesday after becoming hypothermic during their heats in the contest.

Conditions were described as harsh - even by local surfers - as a water temperature of around 10°C stiffened muscles and set teeth chattering.
By the way, on that same page, I see this:
Brace for extra power cuts this winter
Cape Town is set for a colder and darker than usual winter, as the City of Cape Town plans to intensify load-shedding, with up to three load-shedding periods a week from Monday.

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