Saturday, April 26, 2008

A rational person reviews "An Inconvenient Truth"


The science bit was so dumbed down that I cringed. Matt Groening cartoons showing greenhouse gasses fighting sunbeams, for God’s sake? The ’science’ bits seemed to be selected so that Gore could demonstrate his incredible ‘wit’. There were so many holes in his arguments I could have driven the entire American Navy through them.

All his data seemed to come from ‘friends of his’. He was incredibly selective in his data too.

Most of the time, he showed us graphs showing climate trends since 1970 or 1960. What? An that basis I can argue that today is colder than yesterday, therefore by the end of next week, we’ll be into another ice age!

He was hot on the computer graphics too. He showed us Manhattan after the Greenland Icecap has melted, and of course focused on the site of the World Trade Centre. If you want to whip up American fervour, you must mention the World Trade Centre.

What I saw was a film glorifying Al gore. What I didn’t see was anything to make me worry unduly about Global Warming.

I must have seen the wrong film.

If anyone has the right one, can they send it to me please?

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