Saturday, April 26, 2008

Unpaid utility bills soar as economy sags

Unpaid utility bills soar as economy sags -
CHICAGO--Hundreds of thousands of utility customers are at risk of disconnections as the sagging economy drives up the number of past-due home heating bills and the amounts owed, utility companies in cold-weather states say.

Xcel Energy says 17%-19% of its 1.1 million Minnesota customers and its 280,000 Wisconsin customers are in arrears. That's about the same as a year ago, but balances owed are up 10% in Minnesota and up 20% in Wisconsin, says Pat Boland, Xcel's credit policy manager.

Xcel disconnects 600-650 customers daily, he says. "Obviously the economy is playing a very big role in the disposable income that folks have," Boland says. Another factor: Cold weather added 7%-8% to this year's bills.
I wonder if it would be a good idea to gouge these people with much higher energy costs that would further line Al Gore's pockets, yet would have no measurable climate "benefit"?

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