Thursday, September 04, 2008

Carbon dioxide allegedly thwarts record attempt for Greenbird "sail car"

Climate change clips wings of Greenbird record bid
Dale describes the [wet Australian] weather as "unusual and changing patterns, typical results of the impact of climate change."
Our record attempt thwarted by climate change | Transport | Zerocarbonista
We’re pretty disappointed not to have even been able to get the Greenbird out of the starting blocks. And it’s an irony not lost on us while that while Greenbird is intended to show how the world might be getting around when fossil fuels run out - the changes that fossil fuels are causing to our climate right now appears to be the very thing that has stopped us.

In the next twenty years, I firmly believe that wind power will be our main energy source and wind-powered cars will no longer be the stuff of dreams. We’re dedicated to making this a reality, and at the end of this year hope to have our second generation wind powered car on the road here in the UK, an everyday kind of wind powered car. We need to change the world, nothing less will do and for that (amongst other things) we need a transport solution for world post oil. Wind power has the potential to provide this.

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