Friday, November 14, 2008

Mainstream media reporter sings "Liberated Carbon"

SEJ 2007: NYTimes' Andy Revkin sings "Liberated Carbon"
You might have heard, NY Times environmental reporter, author, SEJ member, and Uncle Wade band member Andrew Revkin penned a little ditty about climate change called "Liberated Carbon." Here he performs it with cohort Patrick Kinney. Not a great video, but a fun one...
Fiddling Around With Global Warming
Here’s a taste of "Liberated Carbon"'s lyrics, courtesy of a sympathetic environmentalist blogger who took them down at a performance:

"We yearned to burn more than dung and sticks.
Then Satan came along and said, 'Hey, try lighting this.'

He opened up the ground and showed us coal and oil.
He said, 'Come liberate some carbon. It'll make your blood boil.'

Liberated carbon, it'll spin your wheels.
Liberated carbon it'll nuke your meals.
Liberated carbon, it'll turn your night to day.
Come on and liberate some carbon, babe, it's the American way."

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