Friday, December 19, 2008

Al Gore: "challenge awaiting us before we can pass new laws that truly solve the climate crisis". According to Gore the "challenge" is public support
My thoughts: This is a victory. An admission from The Goracle himself that a consensus of the public would be a good idea before we spend $45 trillion of the taxpayer's money to cool the earth a fraction of a degree.
Priceless 2.5 minutes of audio lunacy from alarmist Thom Hartmann: He actually blames global warming for current US snow and cold


Rick said...

fascinating - he suggests the poles are melting and causing ice in Portland.

hmm - maybe it's the Portland rain that caused all that Polar ice in the first place. Makes perfect sense.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could provide some facts on this?

Brian G Valentine said...

I disagree with the assessment "cool a fraction of a degree".

The effect of CO2 can not be seen amidst the ubiquitous white noise of the background

Anonymous said...

What an absolute IDIOT!!!

Just when you think that the loony left can't get any loonier! They DO!!!

Give us a link to your "science" article, TomTom, the global warming mon.

Have these people NO shame?!?!?!?!

The only thing getting "more and more crazy" are the radical leftist global warming religionists!!! Talk about brain washing and lack of ANY rational thought.