Monday, December 15, 2008

And now, the Obama effect

AFP: Obama to present new climate change team
CHICAGO (AFP) — President-elect Barack Obama was set Monday to name his energy and environmental chiefs and vow a new dawn for US leadership against climate change after eight years of Republican "denial."

After talks with his national security team, Obama was to name more cabinet lieutenants at a news conference where he was also facing questions over Illinois's scandal-hit governor.

Obama's transition team said the press conference in Chicago would "discuss the nation's energy and environmental future."
Chicago, Illinois (60290) Conditions & Forecast : 12/15/08
Very cold and blustery. Partly cloudy. Highs near 10 above. Wind chills as low as 10 below to 20 below zero. West winds 15 to 25 mph. Gusts up to 30 mph through early afternoon.

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gofer said...

People who, surrounded by 10 degree temps, warn us about global warming, outside the twilight zone, are called idiots! I live in a constant rage watching this obvious con and world scam being fostered. It makes me sick to see these greedy fools telling people the weather is our biggest crisis. I believe there is a literal insanity going on here. They have to be totally crazy to believe in something that a high schooler can disprove!