Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Heliogenic Climate Change: More sea level hype: Venice
Venice is subsiding, "rising sea levels" are not to blame.
Heliogenic Climate Change: "It seems a bit odd"
The best fit linear trend since 2002 is about 0.025°C/year of cooling, and at this rate we will have met the Kyoto target of 1990 temperature in just two years without having done anything! ...

If the Kyoto target of 1990 global temperature will be met in just two years in spite of the continued increase in CO2 emissions, doesn't it seem a bit odd that the world leaders are willing to sacrifice the global economy to reduce CO2 emissions as though CO2 emissions reductions, and not global temperature stabilization, was the objective of the Kyoto Protocol?" Norm Kalmanovitch, email to Benny Peiser, CCNet

Exactly, Norm. Kyoto is designed to throttle industry, not temperature.

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