Monday, December 01, 2008

See a number of comments from Christopher Monckton here

Saving the Planet? Carbon Dioxide Levels
[Monckton:] It is interesting that true believers in the new imperialist religion that is “global warming” blithely make statements, such as “Your work has been discredited by leading climate scientists”, but without providing a single reference to any paper in the peer-reviewed literature that refutes my conclusions as published in Physics and Society for July 2008. There have indeed been one or two rather unsuccessful attempts at refutation, but none of them by “leading climate scientists”, and none of them peer-reviewed: they are mere chatter on blogs that are known to be tendentious, inaccurate, and prejudiced. If those readers of Indonesia Matters who believe in the new religion wish to argue against my equations and conclusions, they should do so scientifically, and with proper references, and not merely by citing non-existent “leading scientists” who are said - on no evidence - to have “discredited” my work.

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