Friday, January 16, 2009

Meteorologist in Senate 650 plus report fights back at smear merchants

Jules' klimaatblog: Inhofe's 650 : on Hajo Smit
Hi, I'm Hajo Smit and true I'm not all that important. Our precious world and society is however and the AGW-alarmists are not doing the planet a great service. In 1991 I graduated with distinction at Wageningen Univesity in the field of Environmental Sciences. I majored in meteorology and climate science. I spent 3 months studying in Mainz Max Planck Insitute of Atmospheric Chemistry under nobel laureate Paul Crutzen's guidance and spent 11 months studying at the University of Illinois at Urbana Chamaign at the Atmospheric Sciences departmant doing climate modelling under Michael Schlesinger. After graduating I left climate science only to start studying the literature intensly again around 2006. I'm listed as an expert on I'm also listed on Inhofe's list and correctly so. If I'm not qualified to speak on these matters who is? Currently I'm working as a journalist/meteorologist on my own website which caters exclusively to the wintersports crowd in the Netherlands. Thanks for looking into my files.... the publications you mention are polemic blog postings and not scientific literature. Since when a former scientist is not allowed to turn to journalism and free writing styles to give his opinions with the best interest of nature and mankind in mind? That sounds a lot like censorship. [Via Marc Morano]


jules said...

Hi Tom,

i don't see Smit disprove the unreliability of his sources.

wanna guess why ?

instead he adresses a strawman's argument. And a funny one,because his comment didn't get moderated, did it ?

best wishes.

Green is the new Red said...

That can't be fun having your head in the sand Jules!