Wednesday, March 25, 2009

From the Inhofe EPW Press Office: Temperature Control
FACT: In recent testimony before the House Ways and Means Committee on the climate impacts of regulating carbon emissions, Dr. John Christy of the University of Alabama-Huntsville found that such regulations would be “an undoubtedly expensive proposition” and would have “virtually no climate impact.” As Christy said, “I calculated, using IPCC climate models, that even if the entire country adopts these rules, the net impact would be at most one hundredth of a degree by 2100. Further, he said, “even if the entire world did the same, the effect would be less than four hundredths of a degree by 2100, an amount so tiny we cannot even measure it with instruments, let alone notice it in any way.”
NY's senators call for additional funding for climate center
The NRCC monitors, collects and analyzes climate data for governments at the federal, state and local levels, as well as businesses and universities.

The NRCC was established in Ithaca in 1983 and it serves 12 states in the northeast.

Senators Schumer and Gillibrand are asking for the funding to be included in the 2010 budget. The center has suffered from budget cuts over the last several years, forcing staffing cuts.
Gillibrand and Schumer say the funding would be valuable for Ithaca's economy and for national efforts to combat climate change.

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