Thursday, April 30, 2009

American Thinker Blog: Global Warming Ruled a Religion by British Judge
The decision makes Nicholson the first person ever to be allowed to sue for religious discrimination with environmentalism listed as the affronted creed.

What next, Earth Day declared a religious holiday, tax-exempt status extended to recycling plants, or defacing effigies of Al Gore prosecuted as a hate crime? Not likely.
RE: Big Government - The gift that keeps on taking your money - Comment - OmniNerd
Look, American industry and American Auto makers can rock it. The Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth slant six engine could produce nearly 200 horsepower even with only 4/6 cylanders firing… We still produce a better truck and one that appeals to a very broad population at least in the western hemisphere… There aren’t a whole lot of Mexican Ranchers driving Toyotas. But American cars are innovative, and well built… it is just a matter of which agenda we want to impose on the market. Let’s face it, The new Dodge Charger/Challenger models are f**king slick, fast, hot rods and the are selling like hot cakes at the county pancake bake-off. The people who are buying these cars are a HUGE demographic and if we have a balanced, fair, competetive market which favor domestic product and the freedom of CHOICE, we might not be having this conversation. Many folks, and their dollars are greener than Al Gore’s veggie garden, don’t give a shit about the environment, much less the new president’s imposition that we must all grow an eco-conscience as well. I for one will take a 426-hemi challenger before you are ever gonna put me in a “smart car”. I live in Europe now and those things are just plain gay.
Frostburg State University: Climate realism at Earth Week '09
..."Anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide and Global Warming, the Skeptic's View," by Dr. Mary Mumper.
Mumper prefaced her presentation, stating her position with the university and reinforcing the fact that she is not a climatologist, saying instead that "I am here today not as a chemist, but as a thinking, reading citizen." Her own reading of the raw data used by Al Gore in his film "An Inconvenient Truth," also used by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), has lead her to much less definitive conclusions. "I am an environmentalist." said Mumper, and "I must disagree with Mr. Gore."
Gore's message, as well as that of the IPCC, states that anthropogenic (man-made) carbon dioxide gas is responsible for warming the planet, and is leading the planet to become an unlivable place for mankind. Mumper explained to her audience that CO2 is a natural gas, produced by every animal on earth with every breath. Without that gas, explains Mumper, there would be no life on earth.

Mumper believes very strongly that the environment is an important cause, "We need to take care of our planet," but is afraid that putting all research money into CO2 abatement would be the wrong move, "…in my skeptic's mind, that is foolish." She believes that announcements such as Gore's, saying that the debate over climate change is over are false.

Her presentation explains that the global warming skeptic tends to accept that mankind plays a role in warming the earth, both through greenhouse gas, and especially urbanization, but the lack of warming in rural areas suggests that the greenhouse gas component is overblown.

President Jonathan Gibralter, noted for his dedication to the environment in his time at FSU, was in the audience for the presentation. "When we look at the science, it is evidence that the planet might not be warming," he said, adding "we still need to live ethically." He stressed the importance of protecting the environment from pollution and also remarked that oil is, after all, a finite resource.

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