Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Still more settled science?

[ScienceDaily, 2009: Volcanoes cause global warming]
Researchers here have discovered the pivotal role that volcanoes played in a deadly ice age 450 million years ago.

Perhaps ironically, these volcanoes first caused global warming -- by releasing massive amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

When they stopped erupting, Earth's climate was thrown off balance, and the ice age began.
[ScienceDaily, 2002: Volcanoes cause global cooling]
The changes wrought by Pinatubo's sulfuric acid cloud, which blocked a large percentage of sunlight from reaching the earth, initially included cooler summers and warmer winters, an overall net cooling at the earth's surface and altered winds and weather patterns, Robock said.


Anonymous said...

Amazing! The greenhouse gas that constitutes 95% of greenhouse gases on our planet, water vapor, is apparently not a player. So, the trace gas CO2 is responisble for Ice Ages as well as "Global Warming". How do these "scientists" look at themselves in the mirror? Are they really that deluded?

Unknown said...

Two different kinds of eruptions. Explosive, big ash clouds from sudden events, versus slow release of gases from within and no huge ash cloud sent into the stratosphere.