Monday, November 23, 2009

CRU raw data loss not an accident
With the recent release of "correspondence, code and documents" from the Climatic Research Unit, the earlier admitted "loss" by CRU of key raw data begins to look deliberate.
Updated: Bishop Hill blog - More summaries of the CRUgate files
Giorgio Filippo (University of Trieste) says that IPCC is not an assessment of published science but about production of results. Says there are very few rules and anything goes. Thinks this will undermine IPCC credibility. Says everyone seems to think it's OK to do this.(0968705882)
Climate Resistance » Hacking the Climate Da Vinci Code
What this betrays is the fragility of the environmental argument and its premises. There is no need for sceptics to attempt to locate conspiracies, fraud, or deception. Because the reality is that environmentalism has thrived in an era in which any purposive political action – least of all the execution of a conspiracy – is impossible. Environmentalism has influenced public policy not because of fraud, but because of the intellectual vacuity of politicians. And it is beyond the ken of most commentators, journalists, and eco-PR bods such as Ward to deceive the public, because they don’t even reflect on the coherence, consequences, or political character of their own ideas. Fecklessness is rife, and that is why the world is greening.

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