Monday, November 23, 2009

Thoughts from a Computer Climate Guy « the Air Vent
It all seems to me like a whistle blower who got ticked that FOIA was ignored (illegally). Perhaps someone who heard the conversations between Phil Jones and the Govt. officials. I doubt very much that this was a simple hacker, while busting computers is revered amongst movie fanatics, it doesn’t seem particularly amazing to me however it is not unskilled. Knowing which issues to deliver though is the result of someone with real knowledge. If it were a hack, the file had been prepared by FOIA officials and the contents must have been known by the hackers – headers removed and all. If it is a whistle blower, they were the CS guys working with the climate scientists who got ticked off at the asinine discussions of what was going on.
MUST SEE: Glenn Beck on "ClimateGate" Man-Made Global Warming Climate Scam-Actual Proven Conspiracy 11-23-09 | Climate Realists
Sorry about the quality of this YouTube, but the audio is fine!
“A miracle just happened” « Climate Audit – mirror site
Gavin Schmidt states categorically that the was uploaded to RC around 6.20 am Eastern and that 4 downloads took place prior to RC regaining control of their blog.

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