Monday, December 07, 2009

YouTube - Inhofe-Markey Square Off on Climategate - CNN
December 07, 2009 [Inhofe says that Boxer may have as many as 25 votes for climate hoax legislation]
Copenhagen opening video: pure emotional blackmail | Australian Climate Madness
More than anything else, this video encapsulates everything you need to know about Copenhagen. It is nothing more than a desperate environmental crusade and a political circus. Nothing, especially the science, will stop it.
Copenhagen: delegates warned against abusing children | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
The United Nations warns Copenhagen delegates that their ludicrous scaremongering - claiming even global warming even causes earthquakes - is giving children nightmares.

I think that’s the message. Either that, or they’re barking mad.

(Thanks to many astonished readers.)
Climategate: Nothing to worry about, except for everything | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
The Science Show of Robyn Williams starts with the guest saying Climategate is no big deal. Oddly, as the interview goes on the apologist being interviewed, an environmental consultant with The Economist, then thinks of one thing after another that does, on reflection, worry him, actually. Like hiding data. Like censoring sceptics. Like…
Popular Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is Not Pollution
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is not pollution and Global Warming has nothing to do with pollution.
The Blackboard » Politicians reframe: RC reframes.
In the wake of climategate, climate scientists like Steig, Schmidtt, Mann and other blogging at RC might want to cut out their knee-jerk “reframing” questions and answer the questions people (especially Andrew Revkin) actually ask.

Or, they can continue to “reframe”. Many in the now suspicious public will notice the “reframing” and rate the trust worthiness of climate scientists below politicians and on-line advertisers of introductory offers for tooth-whitening.
Heliogenic Climate Change: My take
The decision today by the Obama administration's EPA to declare CO2 a "dangerous pollutant" will go down in history as the most absurd action ever taken by this government, with Prohibition now related to a distant second. At least Prohibition, nutty as it was, was voted for by elected officials in Congress and the states. But EPA's decision was made by unelected brainwashed theocrats.
Save the planet! Don’t breath out | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
Doesn’t this give Barack Obama the formal power to regulate even the breathing of each citizen?

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