Sunday, September 05, 2010

Mongolian Prime Minister blames carbon dioxide for Mongolia's harshest winter in decades - Mongolian Cabinet holds meeting in Gobi desert to draw attention to climate change
GASHUUNII KHOOLOI, Mongolia (AP) — Top Mongolian officials donned dark green baseball caps reading "Save our planet" and set up chairs and tables in the sands of the Gobi desert for a Cabinet meeting aimed at drawing attention to climate change.
The ministers, dressed in suits and ties, arrived in the desert in jeeps after a 15-hour journey. Officials planted a Mongolian flag in the ground, set up long tables and chairs in the fine, golden sand and discussed climate change against the backdrop of a vast expanse of desert and a bright blue sky.
"Mongolia is feeling the impact of global climate change," Prime Minister Batbold Sukhbaatar said at the one-hour meeting.

Batbold pointed to the recent winter as an example of problems Mongolia faces. The winter was the harshest in decades and a fifth of the country's livestock died.
Flashback: 20 Million Mongolian Cattle Could Be Dead by Spring Due to Dzud (UPDATED) : TreeHugger
This is the worst winter Mongolia has experienced in 30 years. Some 2 million domestic animals have been killed so far.
Flashback - Mongolia winter kills herds, devastating the poorest
BEIJING, March 29 (Reuters) - A severe winter has left 4.5 million dead animals in stockyards across the Mongolian steppes, and many poor herders face the loss of all their property just before the important breeding season.


chuckhigley said...

It really needs to added here that there are fairly recent studies that have reported that there has been a population increase, along with large grazing animal increase in this area, leading to abuse of the land, water, and resources. In particular, biomass (for grazing) has declined fairly steadily, while rainfall and rainfall during the growing season have not changed at all (within the normal range of variation). So, it is not desertification due to climate change, but due to human mismanagement, as has been the case in many other areas, such as Tuvalu.

Doug Proctor said...

The non-falsibility of CAGW is astonishing and must cause reasonable AGW believers to squirm. I'm reminded of my stockbrokers who stickhandled a 55% loss in my portfolio: regardless of profit or loss, they still say they are making me money for my retirement, and doing a heckuva good job at that. And I go along with it.

It's not just warmists who are self-deluded. It is all of us who wish to have a happy ending to an ending we have no control over.