Thursday, October 21, 2010

Livingstone warns travel industry of 'massive' climate change [hoax] impact
Speaking at the ABTA travel convention today (20 October), former London Mayor Ken Livingstone told the travel industry it needed to avoid being a "victim of climate change".

Livingston said he expects to see a "squeeze" on the industry, which he explained as "a constraint on growth in air traffic in the West", predicting an increase in high-end holidays at the expense of low-cost travel and "cheapo flights".
BBC - BBC Radio 4 Programmes - Costing the Earth, Grapes of Wrath
Wine drinkers face an uncertain future. A decade of great vintages, plentiful supplies and cheap prices could be about to come to a shuddering halt.
In the classic wine regions of Europe there are huge concerns over climate change and land use.
'Biodiversity': the new Big Lie – Telegraph Blogs
And so it begins. With all the shamelessness of a Goldman Sachser trading in his middle-aged wife for a hot, pouting twentysomething called Ivanka, the green movement is ditching “Climate Change”. The newer, younger, sexier model’s name? Biodiversity.
MUST SEE: Experts Debate Climate Change Science, Policy inc. Richard Lindzen | Climate Realists
Professors Andrew Dessler from Texas A&M and Richard Lindzen from MIT debate the scientific evidence of anthropogenic global warming, while University of Virginia Law School professors Jonathan Cannon and Jason Johnston discuss the policy implications

This is a 1:54 recording, Richard takes the chair at 31 minuets, who came out best?

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