Monday, November 15, 2010

Global Warming Creating Frigid Pacific Sea Water | Real Science
Sea surface temperatures near that region have been running below normal for several years due to the PDO shift.
Fastest Cooling Place On The Planet | Real Science
In 2002, the Larsen Ice Shelf, located off the Antarctic Peninsula, was a poster child of the global warming religion, because it fractured (not melted.) This deeply affected the lives of global warming activists everywhere. Note that the open water in the fracture zone immediately refroze.

Over the past decade, temperatures there have been dropping at a rate of about 35ÂșC per century.
The Fundamental Logic Flaw Of Climate Science Groupies | Real Science
* CO2 is a greenhouse gas
* Adding more CO2 to the atmosphere increases the greenhouse effect

* therefore ………. the climate models and their forecasts are correct.

It sounds incredibly stupid, but you see that logic being promoted all the time.
WeatherBill Becomes First Insurance Company Focused Exclusively on Protecting Businesses Against Financial Impact of Climate Change - MarketWatch
As the only exclusive weather insurance company, WeatherBill launches broad range of products that protect businesses against the increasing frequency of extreme weather events
The Danger of Cosmic Genius - Magazine - The Atlantic
In the range of his genius, Freeman Dyson is heir to Einstein—a visionary who has reshaped thinking in fields from math to astrophysics to medicine, and who has conceived nuclear-propelled spaceships designed to transport human colonists to distant planets. And yet on the matter of global warming he is, as an outspoken skeptic, dead wrong: wrong on the facts, wrong on the science. How could someone as smart as Dyson be so dumb about the environment? The answer lies in his almost religious faith in the power of man and science to bring nature to heel.

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