Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Climate Change The Power of Myth - YouTube
Accessible version from TEDx Sydney 2010 presented by Jonathan Marshall. [Warmist Marshall: "So-called Climate skeptics, who we may define as those who believe that a joint conspiracy of scientists and left-wing politicians is more probable than a conspiracy of energy corporations and right-wing politicians..have a much better time with myth and metaphor."]
Economic turmoil won't stop carbon tax: Combet
Mr Combet said an emissions trading scheme (ETS) had been "delayed for years" and now was the time to act.

"This is a reform that is in our economic interests to make," he told Sky News today.
Nationals MP Darren Chester said the government was foolish to impose a new tax in difficult economic times.

"I am amazed that any prime minister and any treasurer would go down this path right now under such global financial uncertainty and such volatile world markets," he told reporters in Canberra today.

He was backed by a survey of accountants, which showed 70 per cent believed small business would be negatively impacted by a carbon tax.
Premier denies wind of change
THE Premier, Barry O'Farrell, was forced to recommit to his government's renewable energy targets after he stated a personal view that he did not want to see any new wind farms approved in New South Wales.

Mr O'Farrell made the remarks on 2GB yesterday during a discussion about the impact of wind turbines on rural communities.
Once already approved farms have been built, wind will provide about 8 per cent of the state's energy. If all projects in the planning system are approved and built, that percentage will rise to 21 per cent according the Greens.

They accused the Premier of pandering to ''climate [change] deniers and wind witch doctors'' while Labor's Luke Foley described the move as ''pure opportunism''.

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