Monday, October 03, 2011

Discovery News: Cold times led to angry runts, famine, and war; warm times led to The Renaissance

Are we still all in favor of blowing $45 trillion for scams that will allegedly prevent warm times?

Climate Change Caused Angry Runts : Discovery News
For example, cold temperatures between 1264 and 1359 led to the Great Famine of the late Middle Ages.

During the long cold spell between 1559 and 1652, average heights in Europe declined by 0.8 inches.

That disastrous period in European history is referred to by historians as the General Crisis of the 16th Century. It was a time of starvation and deadly conflict, including the brutal Thirty Years War.

Climate changes influenced the good times as well. The Renaissance may have been a result of more hospitable [and by "more hospitable", they mean "warmer"] temperatures.

“The alternation of historical golden and dark ages in Europe and the NH (Northern Hemisphere), which often was attributable to sociopolitical factors, was indeed rooted in climate change,” the researchers wrote.

As the civilizations of Europe developed new technologies and began conquering and colonizing the Western Hemisphere, the health effects of climate changes became less pronounced.

Industrial“The mild cooling in Europe in the late 18th and 19th centuries brought about an upsurge in prices, social disturbance, war, and migration but not demographic crisis, because of social buffers such as cross-continental migration, trade, and industrialization.”

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John said...

Old news really. Winkless and Browning made this point in 1975 in a book entitled "Climate and the Affairs of Men." They were alarmists concerned about the "coming ice age."