Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Very bad day for warmist Bill Chameides: Only two Congressmen (Waxman and Markey) show up for their global warming hoax hearing; he also discovers that Muller is a skeptic on the role of humans in global warming

A Changing Climate About Climate Change in D.C.?

[Warmist Bill Chameides] During the Q&A session that followed the presentations, talk turned to the role of humans in global warming, and it became pretty clear that Muller remains a skeptic on that front. Here again I was somewhat rankled when he brought forth red herrings like sunspots even though data clearly show that they cannot have been the cause. This time the rankling got the better of me and I challenged his red herrings, perhaps sounding a short, discordant note in the scientific trio.

I'm skeptical that the briefing lived up to its name -- "An End of Climate Change Skepticism" -- but I'd have to say in the end the event was rather anticlimactic. Perhaps the writing was on the wall from the outset. As we filed into the Longworth House Office Building, we entered a meeting room that looks like what you've seen on TV -- seats for members of Congress arranged in a U-shape around the elevated dais, the lowly speakers' table facing our representatives, and behind us ample seating for the 40 or so attendees who watched, including legislative aides, people from non-governmental organizations, and members of the media with cameras a-flashing.

Yes, all the trappings of a high-powered Congressional event with one glaring exception: Seated in the 25 or so chairs along the dais dedicated for our esteemed leaders in Congress were just two representatives, Waxman and Markey. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a Congressional resolution marking the end of climate skepticism -- or the beginning of major climate legislation -- any time soon.

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