Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Climate Common Sense: Krugman really doesn't get it!

Dropping solar panel prices does not change the equation and no one would buy solar power unless they were forced to because the idea is fundamentally stupid. The only thing that would change the scene is suitable battery storage to enable solar power to be stored and make it a marketable quantity.

Julia Gillard seals carbon tax but Greens want more | The Australian

THE Greens yesterday triumphantly hailed the passage of the carbon tax laws that have divided the nation but warned that there was more to do to move to a full reliance on renewable energy.

Conference on climate change coming to Portsmouth | SeacoastOnline.com

"Certain segments of the Republican Party have demonized the science and are attacking the integrity of the climate science," [Farrell Seiler] said. "We wanted to bring the discussion back to the science and discuss the consequences as they will affect New Hampshire directly."

Among those giving talks are Kerry Emanuel, director of the Program in Atmospheres, Oceans & Climate at MIT, who will talk about why hurricanes are becoming more destructive; Fred Short of the UNH Jackson Estuarine Laboratory, who will talk about the impact of climate change on Great Bay; and Bob Roseen, director of the UNH Stormwater Center, who will discuss whether infrastructure in Seacoast towns is ready for the predicted rise in sea level.

"These guys are really agitated," Seiler said. "When they say we have a problem with severe weather, we need to sit up and take notice."

Business counts cost of carbon clarity | The Australian

CORPORATE Australia says the historic passage of the carbon tax legislation will add tens of billions of dollars to the cost of doing business and damage the nation's competitiveness at a time of mounting concern over the health of the global economy.  [Note this article contains the requisite photo of CO2 as black smoke.]

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