Tuesday, November 29, 2011

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I am working on a summary post of the new batch of climategate emails, but this is perhaps my favorite.  It is written to Andy Revkin, nominally a reporter for the NY Times but revealed by the new emails to be pretty much the unpaid PR agent of Michael Mann and company.  Over and over, emails from Mann and his cohorts get Revkin to write the articles they want, drop quotes from skeptics from articles, and in general coordinate communications policy.

Anyway, one climate scientist writes Revkin this note

I think the notion of telling the public to prepare for both global warming and an ice age at the same [time] creates a real public relations problem for us.

Amazing that this actually had to be said.

The Reference Frame: Gavin Schmidt on ideal ways to communicate climate science

So if you want to be the best climate science communicator in the world, you have to release the data in an as-impenetrable-as-possible form. ;-)

Google Fails at Renewables, Even with Taxpayer Guarantees | National Legal and Policy Center

Companies like Google and Walmart, who have forayed heavily into renewable energy production, should stick to what they do best. Let the experts figure out what type of energy is deliverable at cheapest price, and let the hardheaded dream-chasers keep throwing their own money away on wind and solar.

Anuradha Vittachi: Climategate Hacker Scores Own Goal

Climate change is the greatest poverty-creator -- ever.

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