Sunday, November 27, 2011

Durban climate change hoax talks off to a bad start: Regarding the next climate talks "Some suggest the question should be “if” and not “where”."

Climate change [hoax] talks:  Durban talks off to a bad start | Crikey

This year, however, as more than 10,000 delegates from 194 countries converge on the coastal city, there is a greater sense of foreboding, and an even greater risk that practical progress will be overshadowed by symbolism and political grandstanding; the differences over the three key sticking points — agreeing on a roadmap for a new binding international treaty, deciding what to with the Kyoto Protocol, and advancing the elements of the Cancun agreement — seem even more intractable than ever. And for the first time, there isn’t even agreement on where the next climate talks will be held — Qatar or South Korea. Some suggest the question should be “if” and not “where”.

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Anonymous said...

I am sick to death of this farce called "climate change" and I think there should be no more meetings on this issue anywhere because this has been proven to be nothing but JUNK SCIENCE despite what Al Gore the UN or even the Vatican has said on this recently. This is what John Coleman Dixy Lee Ray and Rush Limbaugh have called a hoax or a scam and the aboved mention groups are themselves in a state a "denial" on this and they need to WAKE UP TO REALITY!