Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Muller: "I never said you shouldn't be a skeptic. I never said that."

Richard Muller interview, Part 1 - YouTube
Interviewed by Rob Nikolewski of Capitol Report New Mexico, 10/31/11.
Richard Muller interview, Part 2 - YouTube

Around the 2:45 mark of Part 1, referring to his recent Wall Street Journal article, Muller says "I never said you shouldn't be a skeptic. I never said that."

From his article:
Without good answers to all these complaints, global-warming skepticism seems sensible. But now let me explain why you should not be a skeptic, at least not any longer.
Just before the 5-minute mark, Muller is asked if he's in the Al Gore camp. Muller: "Al Gore camp? That's ridiculous...what I point out is that most of what appears in An Inconvenient Truth is absolutely either wrong, exaggerated, or misleading."

At the 8:45 mark, he says scientists will "endorse Al Gore, even though they know what he's saying is exaggerated and misleading. He'll talk about polar bears dying even though we know they're not dying...".

In Part 2, he's asked about Eugene Robinson's Washington Post piece.

[Q] It says "What Dr Muller says proves that the skeptics are wrong and they've got to get on the cap and trade train".

Muller: "That's ridiculous. I mean, some people say I proved that there was no ClimateGate. No. NO! The ClimateGate thing was a scandal. It's terrible what they did. It's shameful the way they hid the data."


King of the Road said...

Yeah, because clearly, the most important point in the BEST situation is whether or not Muller said "you shouldn't be a skeptic."

Pops said...

Muller says "I never said you shouldn't be a skeptic. I never said that."

I say. "Liar, liar, pants on fire."

Either that, or his global warming set them ablaze.

Anonymous said...

"A Very Happy Un-Birthday to Us, to Us...," The Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland.

papertiger said...

You put the helmet on him.

Way to tackle. Open field take down.

Ronnie Lott would be proud.

kenneth said...

Okay, so Muller says;
"I never said you shouldn't be a skeptic. I never said that."

And then he explains you should not be sceptical to that the globe has warmed.

But who was sceptical to that?
The climate scientists. Look at the Hockeystick. Completely flat, then rising.

So they are sceptical to LIA and MWP, right? They are sceptical to natural climate change. Humans did it all.

And that is what we are sceptical about. That humans did it all, and everything was static before us.

Anonymous said...

This is a strategy where a prominent person will make a false or biased statement which is then covered extesively by the media. Then, if the false statement is caught/questioned, this is never reported by the MSM and the false statement persists in peoples mind as having never been questioned.