Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Way to go, mainstream media: For commentary on Durban climate hoax meeting, PBS goes to Washington Post warmist Juliet Eilperin; there's no mention that Eilperin’s husband is a global warming activist with the way-left-of-center Center for American Progress.

New Climate Change Deal to Succeed Kyoto a Long Shot | PBS NewsHour | Nov. 28, 2011 | PBS

MARGARET WARNER: Now, meanwhile, what's the latest science on climate change? I know that the U.N. panel, the Intergovernmental Panel, came up with a fair dire one, what, just last week.

JULIET EILPERIN: Absolutely. It came up with a new report saying that there's no question that we're going to face, for example, increased heat waves going forward, intense precipitation that would be less frequent, so you would have the kind of flooding that we have seen across the country.

So they warned that we'd have a number of extreme weather events that would intensify as we go forward. In addition, the International Energy Agency just came out with a report saying that we're headed for a temperature rise that would be nearly 11 degrees by the end of the century, which is far, far above what these negotiators in Durban have pledged to reach.

MARGARET WARNER: The other thing that has happened recently is the controversial emails among climate scientists that came out in 2009. A new batch came out also recently in the last couple of weeks. Was there anything in those that in any way affected the debate going into this Durban meeting?

JULIET EILPERIN: It hasn't significantly affected the debate. It's certainly added fodder to those who were skeptical -- skeptical about the connection between human activity and climate change. But in terms of the emails, there weren't revelations.

It was presumably from the same batch that were stolen back in 2009 and released then. And so while, for example, it caused a minor debate here in the United States, it didn't significantly affect what we're seeing now in Durban.

Flashback: Recidivist of the day: Juliet Eilperin « Green Hell Blog

Washington Post “reporter” Juliet Eilperin is back to her biased ways.

When the paper’s ombudsman gave her a polite spanking for biased climate reporting last fall, he concluded by saying:

It’s a close call, but I think she should stay on the beat. With her work now getting special scrutiny, it will become clear if the conflict is real.

You be the judge of whether the conflict is real.

Below is her front-page, above-the-fold article on Climategate in today’s Post. In addition to her own personal slants, keep in mind that Eilperin’s husband is a global warming activist with the way-left-of-center Center for American Progress.

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MikeSnow said...

Flashback: In the run-up to Copenhagen, Warner interviewe de Boer onn the 18 September NewsHour. Margaret Warner stated that: “this huge team of scientists from all over the globe issued these unanimous warnings about the really extreme danger to the planet.”

She hasn't learned a thing in two years.