Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chinese 2,485-year tree-ring study forecasts cold and colder til 2068

A blockbuster Chinese study of Tibetan tree rings by Liu et al 2011 forecasts a cooling planet ’til 2068.

In addition, the study shows that today’s climate is normal when compared to the last 2,500 years. The temperature, the rate of change — the world has seen it all before.

The New Normal : Completely Fraudulent Adjustments | Real Science

1. The Rahmstorf adjustment is 100% bogus. Temperature is temperature – you don’t adjust the readings because you don’t like (what you believe) are the underlying climatic causes of the trend.

THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Harming the economy, degrading the U.S. grid: another day at the EPA

Lisa Jackson's Power Play 12/22/11

Warning Signs: The UN's Global Warming Absurdity

There are many reasons for the U.S. to stop its funding of the United Nations, but the enormous waste and harm done by its environmental program may well top the list.

The Reference Frame: EU vs world: trade war over airline carbon tax

Under these circumstances, you should really think twice if you believe that you will be able to fly between Europe and America from January 2012. ;-) If no war erupts and the EU carbon fanatics win, each flight between Europe and America will be $120 more expensive for you. All the revenue will be used for paying global warming parasites.

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