Thursday, December 22, 2011

Email 2334: Check out these ideas to mark the opening of the Tyndall Global Warming Hoax Centre

Email 2334

date: Fri, 22 Sep 2000 15:44:39 +1100 from: "Torok, Simon" subject: RE: Tyndall launch to: 'Mike Hulme'
...A few ideas come to mind for a hall launch. Depending on fire restrictions, one is to flick a spark, representing the spark of ideas coming from the Centre, to blow up balloons labelled 'CO2' (but filled with, say, hydrogen). Another is a bowling ball on a wire that the Minister can let go -- it would swing to the other side of the room, lose energy on the way back and just miss his head, representing a close call or swing in opinion, etc. I'll keep thinking along these lines over the weekend.

On a different line, I've heard of some scientists at UEA who do performances. Perhaps they could make up some part of the launch. Or the Science Museum in London have professional performers on contract, so if they happen to have people with a climate-related show it may be worth including them.


Simon -=-=-=-= Dr Simon Torok =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= _--_|\ Editor, The Helix...

We are looking for an idea re. opening - we had thought of the boring plaque unveiled, but dismissed it as too corny. Planting a tree won't work since everyone would have to move outside on a cold wet November day. Must be something in the venue hall. Any ideas welcome. Maybe something to do with carbon budgets or solar/wind energy?

We are pursuing Toyota for their loan of a proto-type hydrogen car which they have developed. People can then test-drive it!

Cheers,Mike [Hulme]

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