Monday, December 26, 2011

Fairbanks November Temperatures On The Decline For 40 years | Real Science

Fairbanks has been having very cold Novembers recently, with the two coldest occurring since 2005.

The EPA says that Alaska is the fastest warming place in the US

German Veteran Journalist Maxeiner On Norfolk Police / DOJ Moves: “Something You’d Expect Against Chinese Dissdents”

German veteran journalist and publicist Dirk Maxeiner at his website is a bit shocked by the over-the-top, misdirected actions recently conducted against sceptic bloggers and free speech in general.

S. America MWP « Musings from the Chiefio

In particular, notice how steep the drop is from warm to cold about 1400 AD. About 50 years as I eyeball it. Long slow rises, but rapid crashes. A Sawtooth with the ‘cut to cold’ being very fast.

New research on the links between climate change and conflicts | Climate Etc.

Mark Levy was one of the panelists, who argued that what we know definitively about climate and the risk of conflict is actually quite limited.

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