Sunday, December 04, 2011

Mark Landsbaum: Global warming alarmists try again | global, warming, climate - Opinion - The Orange County Register

We aren't threatened by global warming. The threat is from global warmists.

What they have is a theory that things are getting warmer, which may or may not be true. Then they take a leap in logic that says things will continue to get much warmer, even though the purported cause of this warmth, greenhouse gas emissions, have escalated for 15 years while temperatures have remained flat or even declined.

Then they take another leap that presumes warming is harmful, even though it makes growing crops easier, and life less expensive in cold places, and more CO2 in the atmosphere is a boon to agriculture. Then they presume man can reverse all of this by using windmills and solar panels, which no one will buy unless someone else subsidizes them, and even then must be backed up with conventional, C02-emitting energy plants for when the sun doesn't shine and wind doesn't blow.

This is a chain of so many "ifs" it's amazing so many people have bought in to it. Until, of course, they are asked to sacrifice their own prosperity and comfort. Then, as they are discovering in Durban, that's enough of this nonsense.

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Phone App Developed to Help Stranded Texas Motorists

A new, free phone app for Texans stranded on the highway during snow and ice storms has been added to the Texas Extension Disaster Education Network (Texas EDEN) website. It will help users find their current location, call 911, notify friends and family, and calculate how long it is possible to run thier vehicle's engine to keep warm before running out of fuel, said Bob Bertsch, a North Dakota State University Agriculture Communication web technology specialist who headed the team that developed the Winter Survival Kit app.

Washington Post Edits Out Climate Change from Its Sea-Level Rise Story | ThinkProgress

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, over the last century, sea level rose 5 to 6 inches higher along the Mid-Atlantic than the global average because coastal land there is sinking. But there is another key factor: Global warming.

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'Zero carbon' will amount to zero homes

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