Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Reference Frame: Solar bankruptcies spread to Germany

There are lots of money circulating in this business and the mass demise of these companies could spark a recession. However, one shouldn't forget that their finances ultimately come from subsidies when you trace them. So if the solar industry goes out of business, the corresponding finances should be freed and may be either saved or used for something else.

Laurie David – Lying To Children To Save The Planet | Real Science

Ice core records show that atmospheric CO2 concentration lags temperature by several hundred years. This is proof positive that CO2 retroactively warms the atmosphere, just as the cart pushes the horse above.

Inside COP17 : CJR

DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA—It’s not easy to be a climate reporter. You have to understand the science of climate change, as well as the politics and the economics.

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