Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Satellite climate data at 33 years: questioning shaky claims that downplay global warming - Capital Weather Gang - The Washington Post

For this reason and others, Andrew Dessler, a climate researcher at Texas A&M University, says he is skeptical of the satellite data’s reliability. “As far as the data go, I don’t really trust the satellite data. While satellites clearly have some advantages over the surface thermometer record, such as better sampling, measuring temperature from a satellite is actually an incredibly difficult problem. That’s why, every few years, another big problem in the UAH temperature calculation is discovered. And, when these problems are fixed, the trend always goes up,” he said via email.

“It’s also worth noting that there have not been any similar revisions to the surface temperature data, despite the fact that people have looked at it very, very carefully.”

Wind farm opponents 'aided and abetted' by climate sceptic groups - National News - National - General - Casey Weekly

Labor's environment spokesman, Luke Foley, said ''flat earthers'' were running a scare campaign against wind power.

Australia - Coldest summer in 50 years

“Australians are shivering and trying to escape the rain in the coldest start to summer for 50 years.”

“Bondi beach can get up to 40,000 sunbathers, swimmers and surfers on a good summer’s day, but on many occasions this December there have been only a handful of people on the sand or in the sea.

“Two weeks ago, Brisbane recorded its coldest December day for 123 years.”

Eleven dead, skiers stranded, travel halted as deadly snowstorm sweeps across Great Plains

New Mexico resident says he hasn’t seen such a storm since the 1970s, when cattle had to be airlifted with helicopters and the National Guard helped out.

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