Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Top Climate Crooks Of 2011 | Real Science

There are hundreds of worthy contenders to choose from, but my nominations are for Julia Gillard and Richard Muller.

While there are hundreds or thousands of people engaging in climate fraud on a regular basis, those two have the unique distinction of having misrepresented themselves to get into a position of trust, and then betrayed the people who trusted them.

RealClimate: AGU 2011: Day 1

there was interesting discussion on the philosophy of climate modelling (from actual philosophers!)

Twitter / @Yolandig: Lost of Nazi security guar ...

Lost of Nazi security guards on a power trip around . International press complaining about the bad attitude.

The Reference Frame: Michael Duff, string critics, and global warming

If Michael Duff genuinely believes that there is a looming man-made climate threat, then he is a brainwashed simpleton just like other global warming whackos. It's 2011, Michael, and only complete radical nutcases and a bunch of corrupt pseudoscientists continue to believe that there is anything dangerous going on with the climate.

The Reference Frame: RSS AMSU: 2011 second coldest in this century

In the 21st century (which began in 2001), only 2008 was colder. 2004 was the third coldest year in this century so far and nothing will change about this top-3 ranking.

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