Friday, December 30, 2011

UK investment in green energy stagnates at £2.5bn | Environment | The Guardian

Total financial commitment to renewable energy sharply down on 2009 figures as developing world surges ahead of Britain
But the £2.5bn investment announced since April showed little progress from 2010, when £2.1bn was poured into renewables and other low-carbon forms of energy in the UK, according to the US-based thinktank Pew Environment Group.

The 2010 figure was itself a dramatic fall of 70% compared with the investment reached in 2009, when at least £7.1bn was put into the sector.

Harsh Winters, Habitat Loss Hurts Plains Hunting : NPR

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) — Hunters in the northern Plains who've grown accustomed to bringing home three pheasants or a deer are finding the years of abundance may be over.

Three brutal winters and a steady loss of habitat have hurt reproduction and reduced the number of animals hunters have seen this season, wildlife and conservation experts say.

...Pheasant numbers also have dropped in North Dakota and Minnesota and have hit an all-time low in Iowa, said Dave Nomsen, vice president of government affairs for the conservation group Pheasants Forever. He experienced the loss firsthand a few weeks ago while hunting near Aberdeen, S.D. The two most frequent comments he heard were "Where are the hens?" and "Wow, we're shooting a lot of old, adult birds." Both are signs of a hard winter, he said.

Back-to-back-to-back tough winters have killed bucks and does and led to some of the lowest reproductive numbers North Dakota has ever seen. Mule deer typically produce from 0.8 to 1.2 fawns per doe, but last year that number dropped to 0.59 fawns, Kreil said.

Should We Fear the Methane Time Bomb?

Atmospheric data going back 420,000 years indicate that the climate is more stable than alarmists assume. Even greater-than-present Arctic warmth sustained over thousands of years did not turn the permafrost or the seafloor into a climate-disrupting methane bomb.

China plans Asia's largest coal-fired power plant | MNN - Mother Nature Network

China relies on coal for nearly 70 percent of its energy needs, which have soared in recent years as the country's economy grew at a blistering pace.
...China is the world's biggest greenhouse gas emitter with many of its cities cloaked in a polluted haze.
Shenhua and the Guangxi government will ensure the new plant's eight power generators get a steady supply of coal from company mines in Indonesia and Australia by building four 100,000-tonne deepwater loading docks, Xinhua said.

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