Monday, December 19, 2011

Warmist suggests that a glitch in your brain causes you to think that global warming hoax models are not infallible

Climate sceptics might just be captive to basic emotions

IF YOU are down a blind alley searching for that perfect Christmas gift for your climate sceptic friend, you could do worse than slinging them a book on Emotional Intelligence. Why? Research is mounting that your friend is the victim of one of the brain's many computing glitches. More particularly, he has been derailed by an emotional response that is at best unhelpful and at worst catastrophic. He has capitulated to the pleasure of the here and now.

...In the climate realm, fabrication is also rife. Enthralled by their emotional biases, sceptics mouth desperate appeals to the corruptibility of scientists, or to the fallibility of climate prediction models.

To err is human and we should forgive many their inability to constrain the draw of the emotions. But this failure is inexcusably egregious in our politicians who are steering the ship for the long voyage, not just around the next reef. To those who still succumb to immediate gratification at the expense of our long-term good, I say welcome any Christmas gifts on brain bugs and emotional intelligence with open arms. Our grandchildren's future could depend on it.

Paul Biegler is Australian Research Council postdoctoral fellow in bioethics at Monash University.

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papertiger said...

OR it could be that Paul Biegler is a dumbass.

Paul spent 21 years studying the "Philosophy of Emotion", which is strong supporting evidence for my thesis.