Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What Really Happened in Durban–And Will It Be Enough to Combat Climate Change? | Observations, Scientific American Blog Network

So, for example, the Maldives will strive to be carbon neutral by the time any agreement resulting from the Durban package takes effect in 2020. Diesel generators for electricity will be replaced by photovoltaics and biomass- and waste-burning, among other efforts. “We have to do something to save ourselves and also to show to the world that there is an alternative way of doing things,” explained Mohamed Aslam, the minister of housing and the environment of the Republic of the Maldives at an event on December 5, though he admitted that the tiny island nation of 315,000 people had yet to devise a solution to the fossil fuel needed to propel boats between the islands.

As Earth warms, plants and bees keep pace, study says | R&D Mag

Although the triggers for bee spring emergence are unknown, bees may simply be cued to emerge when temperatures rise above a threshold over a number of days, Danforth said.

But "if climate change accelerates the way it is expected to, we don't know if bees will continue to keep up," he added.

...The study was funded by the NSF and others.

Is Global Warming Really Harming Africa's Sahel Region? - Forbes

With so many studies and data indicating global warming is benefiting soil moisture, plant growth and forest expansion in the Sahel region, Africa as a whole and globally, the new assertion that global warming is causing a climate crisis in the Sahel is speculative and controversial at best.

Perhaps Gonzalez inadvertently revealed the true purpose of his new study when he concluded his press release by saying, “We in the U.S. and other industrialized nations have it in our power, with current technologies and practices, to avert more drastic impacts around the world by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.” This is certainly something we would expect a Nature Conservancy staffer and United Nations representative to say.

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