Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A 100 million dollar Climate DOE Project – Is This Money Well Spent? | Climate Science: Roger Pielke Sr.

Decision makers already have all the information regarding the climate system that is needed to make policy decisions.  If the 100 million dollars are being used for this purpose, in my view, it is a waste of funds.

Update from Time's The Year That Winter Forgot:  Himachal still paralysed by snowfall, freezing cold

More than half the state remains marooned, as relentless icy cold weather continues unabated.

Cuccinelli's demand for climate scientists' emails goes to court Thursday -

The Virginia Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments Thursday regarding state Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s demand for the of emails of a former University of Virginia climate scientist.

Cuccinelli has said he is investigating whether Michael Mann, now a professor at Penn State University, violated the Virginia Fraud Against Taxpayers Act by securing state grants to study climate change.

Sea Shepherds to atone for drone moan « The Daily Bayonet

the group named by the FBI as an eco-terrorist group have received an official reprimand from Australia for not providing an environmental impact assessment for the drones:

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