Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Deep snow buries lifts at Mt Bachelor Oregon

“More than 8 feet (almost three meters) of snow fell during a six day period between Monday, January 16th, and Saturday, January 21st.”

Alaska woman, 85, fends off moose attack on husband

...It might just have been stressed from an especially harsh winter, with extreme cold temperatures and heavy snow.

"They don't actually have a heckuva lot to eat," Murphy said.

New battle to keep elderly warm in winter - Jobs - Peterborough Evening Telegraph

Statistics show that an average of 86 people in Peterborough die annually during winter due to cold weather.

Five Million Missing Jobs Haunt Obama’s State of the Union Address

In his upcoming State of the Union Address, President Obama will push for more green-jobs subsidies at taxpayer expense in the name of job creation: “With a Solyndra-scandal-be-damned attitude, President Obama is expected to revive his push for new green fuel sources in Tuesday’s State of the Union address, claiming that they will boost jobs.”  But these impractical proposals are haunted by the utter failure of Obama’s existing green-energy programs to produce economically-viable jobs or fuel.

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