Monday, January 30, 2012

Global warming study casts doubt on “missing heat” hypothesis - Capital Weather Gang - The Washington Post

In a response that was published at David Appell’s Quark Soup blog, Trenberth dismissed the new study’s findings, saying the uncertainties in the ocean heat content data remain too large to draw the conclusion that observational uncertainties are the best explanation for the missing heat. The new study, Trenberth wrote, “seems to have its main point that our earlier paper was wrong. I will certainly disagree with that.”

According to Trenberth, scientists need to significantly reduce the uncertainties in the ocean heat content data before they can suspend the search for the missing heat. “The discrepancies among [upper-ocean heat content data sets] remain huge. We MUST do better,” he told Appell.

[In case you're curious:  Pictures of several ClimateGate scientists are available here] | Fellowship of the Minds

Last Tuesday, a new spate of “warmist” e-mails were anonymously released to the public. The e-mails were exchanged among scientists who claim humans are causing a global warming crisis, which requires drastic and coordinated measures on the part of the world’s governments.

Sydney finally cracks 30 degrees

Sydney has just ended its longest summer spell below 30 degrees in 15 years, reports.

Pachauri’s 5-Star Sustainability Summit « NoFrakkingConsensus

it’s taking place in an over-the-top, five-star hotel

Chris Mooney | In Which Climate “Skeptics” Drop the Lysenko Bomb. No, I’m Not Kidding….

the Lysenko charge is self refuting—really, a lot like the charge that President Obama is a socialist.

Arctic Ice Extent The Same As Before The Ice Age Scare | Real Science

The graph below shows what ice extent must have been before satellites were launched. Right where it is now.

BEST Fails To Account For Population and Cold Winters

In the BEST paper, Dr. Muller failed to notice the change in UHI effect in northern stations, and thus missed the fact that cooling is really taking place in the continental U. S. as for myself, I wonder how cold it will be before Berkeley Earth discovers the cooling.

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