Monday, January 30, 2012

Scientists Challenging Climate [Junk] Science Appear to Flunk Climate Economics -

(Of course Climate Depot finds the letter breathlessly exciting.)

German Fear Of Warming Plummets…Yet-To-Be-Published Skeptic Book Climbs To No. 4!

The Church of Global Warming is shattering in Germany, one of the last bastions of the movement. Even the environmental bishops are leaving the Church.

Comment On Gavin Schmidt’s Post On His Weblog Real Climate Regarding The Dominate Role Of Anthropogenic Greenhouse Gas Concentrations On The Global Average Temperature Trends | Climate Science: Roger Pielke Sr.

Actually, it is straightforward to shed doubt on Gavin’s (and the IPCC) claim.  If the increase in anthropogenic greenhouse gas concentration were so  dominate we would expect the global average [annual] lower troposphere temperature to more-or less monotonically continue to rise in the last decade or so.  This clearly has not occurred, as illustrated, for example, in the figure below for the lower troposphere

New Scientist on the dangers of green energy « Reasonable Doubt on Climate Change

The green energies could lead to a 3 degree C warming just from waste heat!

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