Sunday, January 01, 2012

Hayhoe Effect Plagues Oklahoma « Reasonable Doubt on Climate Change

I remember recent claims by Katherine Hayhoe that West Texas and Oklahoma were getting warmer in Winter. Funny NOAA data shows nothing of the kind. Here is Tulsa – heading practically straight down to an ice age

Celsius 5, winter clothing 0.5 per head

[India] In the villages, it was the hay that brought comfort at night. In the absence of blankets, quilts or even bed sheets, the villagers made their beds on stacks of hay.

“Hay provides warmth,” says Ashis Roy, a businessman, one of the very few men of some means in the village of 4,000 (of whom 2,500 are voters, says Roy). “The villagers have nothing but natural resources to turn to.”
...A little away from Behula’s home, a family of six sits huddled in the sun. The ratio of warm clothes per head is crueller for this family: two for six.

Dairy farmer faces $40,000 carbon tax - Local News - News - General - Newcastle Herald

HUNTER dairy farmers are bracing themselves for the beginning of carbon pricing in July, with one of them predicting the scheme could cost each farm $40,000 a year.

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