Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pushed to brink, swans rebound with help from global warming — The Daily Climate

Hunted to near extinction in the 19th century, the trumpeter swan is taking advantage of warmer, longer summers to expand its range and numbers - one of the few good news stories of global warming, at least for now

CO2 Earth's 'magic control knob'? (

But Marc Morano of calls it more wacky science.

"They're assuming CO2 is a magic control knob for the planet, despite the fact that there [are] hundreds of factors that influence global temperature -- everything from tilt of the earth's axis to ocean cycles, to the sun, the solar system," he notes. "You can just go on and on with lists."

Unplug the Volt | The SPPI Blog

Liberals burn tax money on flammable cars

2 perspectives on communicating climate science | Climate Etc.

The image of Machiavellian emailers is not a desirable one

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