Friday, January 20, 2012

Regulatory Czar wants to use copyright protection mechanisms to shut down rumors and conspiracy theories | Watts Up With That?

What kinds of conspiracy theories does Sunstein want to suppress by law? Here’s one:

… that the theory of global warming is a deliberate fraud. [From page 4 of Sunstein's 2008 "Conspiracy Theories" paper.]

Colorado Senator Udall Tells CSU Audience Not To Question Government Funded Stooges | Real Science

Asked simply about his take on global warming, Udall said it surprises him that a country so ahead in technology and invention questions the word of said scientists and innovators about global warming. He promised to do continue to work to reduce carbon emissions and noted that even those in doubt should act.

Keystone XL: Voting for the Stone Age - Forbes

First postscript: Does anyone doubt that had this exact same route been for high speed rail, rather than a pipeline, it would already have been approved and President Obama likely would have been proposing to throw a pile of taxpayer money at it to boot?  This despite the fact that high-speed rail almost certainly has more environmental negatives than an underground  pipeline.  The route has always been a red herring — the real goal is reducing energy supply.

When Ice Cream Comes Flying Explosively Out Of A Bowl | Real Science

The ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica are very heavy, and they depress the ground beneath them, by about 1/3 of their thickness. A 3,000 metre thick ice sheet depresses the ground about 1,000 metres. This creates a bowl shape underneath the ice, which makes it impossible for the ice to slide en masse.

One might think that America’s top climate scientists would have obtained some elementary understanding of science and engineering, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Sahara Snow On January 17 2012 – Is It Unprecedented? | Climate Science: Roger Pielke Sr.

Thus the snow this past week is not unprecentented, but is unuusal.  However, these extreme events are worth examing in detail to assess the variability and the presence (if any) of multi-decadal trends of these north Africa snowfall events.

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