Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ultra-harsh Alaska winter prompts fuel shortages: AP Alaska | Alaska news at

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Living in Alaska's outer reaches is challenging enough, given the isolation and weather extremes, but at least three remote communities also have experienced weather-related late deliveries of fuel so crucial to their survival during an especially bitter winter.

An Inconsistent Truth Official Movie - YouTube

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Inside the intriguing world of Tony Blair Incorporated - Telegraph

in 12 months Mr Blair made 61 trips abroad totalling almost 224,000
miles – the equivalent of travelling to the moon.

A rough calculation suggests Mr Blair, who launched the charity Breaking the
Climate Deadlock to combat global warming, has racked up 58 tons of CO₂
emissions in a year through jet travel alone. That’s about 30 times that of
the average British adult.

Mr Blair may have travelled far more than that but these are the trips we know
about. He is reckoned to spend as little as two months a year in the UK.

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Anonymous said...

Enough miles to go to the moon? If only...!