Thursday, January 05, 2012

Warmist Obama voter Kerry Emanuel: "I'm one of the rare examples of a scientist who's a Republican"; lack of AGW belief among Republican candidates makes him feel "to some extent ashamed to be an American"

GOP Climate [Bedwetters] Caught On Video | Mother Jones

Watch: New Hampshire Republicans fed up with anti-science rhetoric want their party back.

Various shots reveal a lot of empty seats at this event.

Around the 4:08 mark, "Republican" (and Obama voter) Kerry Emanuel says "I'm one of the rare examples of a scientist who's a Republican."  He suggests he's going to
vote in the New Hampshire Republican primary, and says that on the climate issue, he likes Jon Huntsman. Speaking of the lack of AGW believers among Republican candidates, Emanuel says this makes him feel "to some extent ashamed to be an American."

Flashback: MIT Professor Emanuel won’t vote for climate change deniers | Watts Up With That?

As a lifelong Republican, Emanuel admired Reagan, opposes gay marriage,  backs a strong military, yet voted for President Obama.


Anonymous said...

I think the fact that Emanuel indicated that there are few Republican scientists is a cause for not believing these scientists. All of these climate scientists are proposing something that the Democratic lawmakers want - more government control of our lives. Climate scientists now have the same power of a well funded lobbyist group and the scientists know it.

Anonymous said...

How can a scientist ignore all science that emerged in recent years from ENSO to cosmic rays?

And also ignore, hide the decline, peer review perversion, flawed Hockey Sticks, exaggerated sensitivity and prima facie evidence of conspiration from climategate ?

JAWilson said...

Since Emmanuel "believes" in AGW, I think we need independent verification of the Republican credentials.

Colin M Henderson said...

Emanuel is not a scientist because he does not use the scientific method, if he did he would not believe in CAGW. He is just another hand wringing warmist posing as a scientist to give credibility to his belief.

Anonymous said...

No "scientist" who says "...rare example of a scientist who's a Republican" should be believed on anything. Republican scientists are scarcely rare!